Felt Like April at Lutsen Today

     We spent all day yesterday in Duluth, MN for hockey.  One game at 9:30 in the morning and the other at 6:30 at night and alot of hours to waste in between.  I did something I hadn’t done in a long time which was to hang out at a mall. 

     It’s nearly impossible to look around for hours on end and not buy anything but I did pretty good.  Barnes and Noble always gets the best of our family but I guess that’s an ok place to spend money.

     Today we didn’t have any hockey games so our family decided to head to Lutsen for some downhill skiing.  The sun was hot and the temperature above 30 degrees so it was almost hot skiing.  We hadn’t been skiing this year yet so the kids were a bit apprehensive.  It didn’t take them long to get in the swing of things and start zooming down all of the runs.

     While the ski hills were covered with snow the area beneath the ski lifts had some brown showing through. The snow machines have done a great job keeping the hills white and they were in awesome condition todayy.  It just seemed to be a little more like April than February. 

     We’re hoping we’ll get lots more white stuff on the north shore and that we’ll have time to go downhill skiing at least one more time this winter.