Feeling Overwhelmed with Christmas Coming Quickly?

     Christmas presents. Christmas Parties. Christmas Cards. Christmas travels. Christmas Trees. Christmas decorations. Christmas baking. The list goes on and on and on and with it the anxiety gets worse and worse and worse.

     Wouldn’t it be nice to not feel like we had to do everything every Christmas? Maybe we could do things on a rotating basis so one year we got a tree, the next year we baked, the year after that we sent out cards. None of the tasks by themselves are too big to do but when you add all of them on top of an already hectic life a person can become overwhelmed.

     Basketball practices, hockey games, Christmas concerts and daily life gets in the way of creating the perfect Christmas holiday. Then again, who said it has to be perfect? If you’re feeling overwhelmed then I give you permission to cross one holiday tradition off of your long list of things to do. Now if you’ll all give me permission to cross a few of mine off of my list I’ll feel less overwhelmed too.