Favorite BWCA Food? S’MORES!

     There’s no better place to enjoy S’Mores than in the Boundary Waters.  There’s nothing quite as sticky as a S’More either; you can’t help but get melted marshmallow goo all over your face and fingers when you’re making S’Mores in the BWCA.  That’s part of what makes the Boundary Waters the best place to make S’Mores.

     As a child who grew up in a city I roasted marshmallows over our electric stove or a candle on the front steps in order to make S’Mores.  I remember them tasting very delicious but then again when doesn’t a roasted marshmallow mixed with melted milk chocolate not taste good?  It’s hard to improve on the standard S’more but that doesn’t mean people don’t try.

     Becky Rasmussen just compliled a book called "So Much S’More to Do" with over 50 variations of S’Mores.  If you’re interested in a copy then give us a call at 1-888-CANOEIT and we’ll mail you one for $8.95. While I can’t say I have looked at every recipe in the book I can say we have tried a number of different recipes ourselves.

So Much Smore to do

     One of my favorite ways to make S’Mores is with Girl Scout Cookies.  I haven’t made them with Thin Mints or Tagalongs which would be good but I have made them with the chocolate covered graham cracker cookie with a name of Friendship Circles I believe.  They used to be square in shape and called Animal Treasures but whatever their name is they make a great S’More.  You don’t even have to add a chocolate bar to the mix, just stuff a marshmallow between the two cookies and you’ve got a delicious and easy to make S’More.

      We see S’Mores everywhere these days.  They come as a candy bar, an ice cream treat and we’ve even ordered them as a dessert in a fancy restaurant.  Next thing you know you’ll find them deep-fried and on a stick at the Minnesota State Fair.  Whatever you put in them it doesn’t really matter but it does matter where you eat them.  There’s no better place in the world to enjoy a S’More than the BWCA!

And by the way, I didn’t have a microwave when I was a kid!