Father Son Camping Trip

I can’t think of a better way to spend a day than to go camping with your kids.  Mike was able to take Josh out for a quick overnight camping trip on Saganga this week and had a great time.  They spent time packing their gear, choosing menu items, and finding the perfect tackle to bring along.  At the campsite they enjoyed hanging out in the hammock, starting a fire together, cooking, and Josh’s favorite, fishing.  He caught a nice Smallmouth Bass right from the shore and now instead of calling himself the Northern Pike Punisher he is the Bass Punisher.  Josh is extremely proud of his fish and held it up to show everyone as they made their way home across Sag.  The actual camping trip may have been short but the memories will be long.

<%image(20060624-joshsmalfire.jpg|300|225|Josh Camping)%>