Fantastic Fishing in the Quetico Park

     Did I happen to mention we had awesome fishing during our Quetico canoe trip? We could cast from our campsite and catch smallmouth bass all day long. They weren’t big but they bit like crazy from the campsite and pretty much anywhere in the lake.

     Northern pike were also abundant and many of them were good sized in Blackstone.  We enjoyed catching and releasing a number of pike on rapalas, spoons and other lures.

     The lake trout were a ton of fun to fish for and catch.  They came in all shapes and sizes and of course we had a big one that got away. Right after we landed a nice 5-7 pound trout I got another trout on my line that felt even bigger. I didn’t realize Josh was video taping but he got me reeling, the rod bending, a smile on my face and then the shock and disappointment of the fish breaking my line.

     I know I shouldn’t swear, especially around my kids, but what came out of my mouth couldn’t have been prevented nor could the disappointment I felt upon losing the trophy fish. I had to edit out the vulgar language but think about a pilot’s last words when he or she realizes the plane is going to crash and then times that by two!

 Quetico Park Smallmouth Bass   Quetico Lake Trout and Northern Pike