Falling Snow

     It’s the same thing every year.  Just when you get all of the winter clothes washed and put away the snow comes again.  Almost two feet of the white stuff fell at the end of the Gunflint Trail and guess where the plow truck is…  In Grand Marais getting some much needed tune ups.

     We should know by now that April showers on the Trail often mean snow showers.  Only this wasn’t just a shower.  While Grand Marais received rain and close to town received sleet, we received snow.  Beautiful white snow that coated everything in sight.

     I’m fine with more snow.  My cross country and downhill skis are still easily accessible and I would love to spend more time skiing.  I also think it would be neat to have the lakes open and camp in the snow.  It sure would keep the fire danger low.  

     The snow will be gone once again and the lakes will thaw.  Until then I’ll enjoy the snow while it’s here.