Falling Down

     I knew what I wanted to write about today but I didn’t know how to make it all come together.  I was just going to call it a potpourri but then I came up with the "Falling Down" theme.  It seems there’s a Falling Down epidemic at Voyageur lately.

     I’m not sure of the exact order of the incidents but I’m pretty sure my fall down our spiral stairs was first.  I rarely walk around the house in socks but I was going to go put my snow boots on and they were in the lodge.  I thought I could make it once down the stairs in stocking feet, I thought wrong.  My feet slipped out from underneath me and lucky for my butt and not so lucky for my arm and side I was able to slow the fall down by getting my right arm around the railing.  It left a nice bruise that has almost faded away completely.

     The next thing to fall down was our bird feeder.  This wasn’t a suprise because a huge hunk of ice was attached to it and weighing it down.  Finally it fell to the deck but the birds didn’t mind going down there to get their food.  Unfortunately it snowed and buried the feeder and now at -20 degrees they don’t have their food.  I feel terrible leaving them without food yesterday and this morning.  I did put out a tray of seed with suet cakes to try to get them to trust me again so I hope that works.

     Last night there was yet another fall.  Me again! Not sure what’s up with that but I was coming down the stairs from our exercise loft barefoot after doing Yoga.  Something new had been placed on the stairs and that’s all it took for my heels to slip out from under me and for me to come crashing down on my elbows and back.  Blood on my elbow and a huge bruise on my elbow and back were the latest results of falling down.

     I’m hoping the falling down epidemic doesn’t last much longer.  Abby fell down quite a bit when we were snowshoeing the other day and when she got out of the car at a friend’s house.  Just as I was telling her to be careful because the last person out of that car door had slipped and there she was already on the ground.  

     The temperature was also falling down this morning.  I thought I would go cross country skiing today after dropping the kids off at the bus stop but at -19 degrees I decided to wait until it warmed up a little.

     So there you have it, the Falling Down issue of my blog.