Ever Wonder Why

     Earlier this month after having dropped the kids off at the bus stop I started my normal run down the road.  I could hear the bus pulling out and rounding the corner like normal but when I could still hear the bus eight minutes later I was astonished.

     How on earth could sound travel that far?  One minute is really a long time when there’s leaves on the trees and it’s usually more like 20-30 seconds and the sound of the bus has faded.  I imagine a smart science type person could explain the conditions that could allow this to happen.  I’m not sure there’s a smart science type reading my blog but if you are then could you please explain it to me?

     I’m sure any of you who have spent time at the lake know how sound can carry across water.  It’s always interesting to listen to the conversation of a couple of people paddling and talking a fair distance away.  Sometimes you would swear they were at your campsite and you look out and can barely see them in the distance.

     There is some water between my place and eight miles down the road, but certainly not enough for the sound to carry like it did that one morning.  So many unanswered questions and so little time to answer them.