Sheriff Falk has ordered an evacuation from Gunflint Narrows Road on the Gunflint Trail down to County Road 92.  All properties on Gunflint Lake, Loon Lake, and Tucker Lake, as well as properties along the Trail in this area are asked to evacuate. 

In case of an Evacuation of the Gunflint Trail…

Remain Calm

  1.  Leave the Power and outside lights on; turn off propane at tank.
  2. Attach written note to door, or leave on table in cabin with date, time, and who evacuated and where you are heading.
  3. Leave your cabin unlocked.
  4. Unless directed otherwise, take your pets with you.
  5. Take your medications with you.
  6. Tie a white cloth/towel/sheet on your blue street address sign to signify that you are gone.
  7. Please drive carefully with your head lights on!

Unless directed otherwise, the Cook County Community Center in Grand Marais is the designated check-in point