Eagles are Back

The eagles on Gull Lake have returned to their nest for another year.  Their residence is inside of the Trail’s End Campground at the end of the Gunflint Trail.  For as many years as I can remember the eagles have come to have their young in this tree located in the 3-13 loop of sites in the campground.  A few years ago someone decided that loop of sites should be closed so the eagles have privacy during their nesting time.  We like to joke about it because if they wanted somewhere private then they have the entire BWCA and Quetico Park just a few wing flaps away.  Just across the river from their nest there are no campsites and beyond that is the wilderness area.  The eagles have never seemed to be bothered by the campers but at least someone sleeps better at night knowing they are safe and sound.  I personally think the eagles are lonely for the campers who used to surround them and their nest.