Duluth to Two Harbors Expressway

I guess some drivers think because it’s called an “expressway” they can drive as fast as they want. That isn’t the case as a man from Lakeville, MN found out when he was traveling at 171 miles per hour in his Camaro on the expressway.

He was just outside of Duluth, Minnesota headed towards Two Harbors when an officer saw his vehicle pass by like a rocket.  When he was pulled over with a female passenger in the vehicle he said he didn’t know how fast he was going.

I admit there are some times I look down at my speed and think, “whoa, slow down!” But I can honestly say I’ve never been going crazy fast and not known I was over the speed limit. I’ll let you define “crazy fast.”

The article in the Duluth News Tribune said the police pulled a Nissan Sentra over in February when it was doing 137mph.

For the folks who are going to come visit us this summer, it’s just a highway, and it’s called an expressway because it’s faster than the old Scenic Highway 61 that runs along the lake.

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