Drizzle on the Alpine Lake Fire

We awoke to a little bit of rain falling this morning, it can only help.  The radar shows a little more precipitation throughout the day and temperatures are not expected to be as high as yesterday.  This is all good news for the people at the end of the Gunflint Trail.  The fire crews were optimistic after what appeared to be their victory in yesterday’s battle against the blaze.  They were able to keep the fire from jumping out of the BWCA and into our backyard and we are extremely thankful for their awesome effort.  Their challenge will continue today in spite of this morning’s drizzle.  The long-range forecast calls for more hot and dry weather and crews will need to be on high alert for spot fires and the possible spread of the Alpine Lake Fire.   Almost all of the lakeshore within the BWCA has been unaffected by this fire.  The fire did not spread to the water’s edge of Seagull or Alpine Lake and Saganaga was also out of it’s reach.  The impact on campers at this time is mainly the smoke and a handful of closed campsites on Seagull and all campsites on Alpine.  So far, so good.

<%image(20050809-alpineaerialsmall2.jpg|300|225|BWCA Fire)%>