Don’t Tell Me That!

     Someone told me tomorrow is going to be March 1st!  How on earth can that be possible?  Where did that short month of February go? 

     I don’t know where February went but the days seem to have flown by.  This morning when I took the kids out to the bus stop I thought we were late for the bus because it was so light outside.  The kids had last week off from school and we must have gained a ton of daylight in that short week.  I swear we were just seeing the sun peek out the last time we drove to the bus stop.  It’s just crazy that time can pass so quickly.

     In just 11 short days it will be time for the 5th Annual Mush for a Cure on the Gunflint Trail.  We’re looking forward to the big weekend and we’re pretty sure we’ll have plenty of snow for this year’s event.  There’s still a good three feet of packed snow on all of the trails and temperatures aren’t expected to get too warm before then so we should be good to go. 

      Saturday is going to be a blast.  The day will begin bright and early with a pancake breakfast at Gunflint Pines from 8AM-11AM.  The public is welcome to come and eat for a suggested donation of $5.00 and then mingle with the mushers.  While the teams are getting ready for their Sourdough Start at noon is a great time to get a close up look at sled dogs and their owners.  For anyone who hasn’t seen a Sourdough Start you’re in for a treat.  It’s exciting to watch the mushers struggle out of their sleeping bags, put their boots on and get their teams on the trail at a mass start.  

     There are places along the Gunflint Trail to watch the teams as they head to Trail Center.  Trail Center will be hopping with people waiting for the dog teams to arrive.  I had so much fun picking out prizes for the kid’s carnival and I know the kids are going to enjoy the games we have planned.  There will be an adult game to participate in too, so be ready to have some fun in the snow.

     I better save the rest of Saturday’s activities for another blog.  I have lots to do before March and only a few hours to get it done.

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