Don’t Brown Bag It

     It’s great to bring your own lunch to work or school but be sure to bring it in a reusable bag or lunchbox.  There’s no sense wasting brown bags or ziplocs for that matter when you can use plastic containers day after day.  Of course you’ll spend a little extra time and energy washing these containers but you’ll cut down on garbage and the expense of ziplocs.  

Would your parents disapprove of your workday lunch costs?

The Bite
Don’t crash your motorcycle over it. Just try bringing your lunch in reusable containers a couple times a week to conserve cash and landfill space – no matter which side of the tracks you’re from.

The Benefits

  • More cash for Motown records. You’ll save $1,000 or more per year.
  • Cleaner highways to cruise. A NJ study found that about 1/4 of all litter comes from takeout packaging – second only to cigarette butts.
  • It’s eco-harmonious. In the United States, takeout bags and containers create 1.8 million tons of garbage each year.
  • If 10,000 Biters bring their lunch once a week for a year, we’ll keep the weight of 193 motorbikes in trash outta landfills.
  • Personally Speaking
    The Bozeman office has its own smoothie bar (well, a blender with a well-stocked freezer of frozen organic fruit); check out our
    blog for Jen’s 5-minute smoothie-lunch recipe.
  • Wanna Try?
  • Cook meals (such as stir-frys) that last a few days – though beware of cooking so much of one thing that you get sick of it.
  • Carry your eats in a reusable lunchbox.
  • Pack-a-Lunch Calculator – find out how many calories are in common lunch items.