Dog Sled Fun

     What a blast, literally.  The race that wasn’t the Beargrease was such a blast.  Dog trucks and mushers filled the ice in front of Devil Track Lodge for the start of the race.  A shot gun blast signaled the start of the race and mushers emerged from their sleeping bags.   

<%image(20070225-marysleepsm.jpg|200|150|Mushing on the Gunflint Trail)%>

   Yes, sleeping bags.  The start of the race found the mushers inside sleeping bags, without boots on, and only their lead dog harnessed.  When the blast sounded racers rushed to get their boots on, harness the dogs and get them hooked up to the lead.  It was an awesome sight to see all of the teams taking off across Devil Track Lake, one after the other.  The crowd was cheering, the dogs were barking, and snow was flying right along with the dog teams.

<%image(20070225-maryaftersm.jpg|200|150|Black Magic Kennel)%>

     The teams travelled the lake and trails all the way to Poplar Lake on the Gunflint Trail.  Here the mushers headed for Trail Center and the finish line.  My friend Mary from Black Magic Kennel came in 4th or 5th out of a field of around thirty teams.  Way to go Mary! 

<%image(20070225-mikerugsm.jpg|150|200|dog sled racing)%>

    I really got caught up in the excitement of the race.  I love dogs, I love competition, so I’m sure I would love the sport of dog sled racing.  As we waited for all of the teams to cross the finish line I had an idea.  Why don’t I hook up some dogs and give it a try?  Unfortunately Rugby couldn’t pull the sled, but it sure pulled him!