Dock Breakfast

     Everyone has heard of a shore lunch but how many of you have heard of a dock breakfast?  That’s what Josh and I had this morning.

     I had a choice this morning, sleep in or go fishing.  Since the sun was up at 4:45 AM making the birds and loons sing their fool heads off I decided sleep was not an option.  Josh was of course game to go fishing with me.

     We decided to paddle the canoe around the Seagull River to see what we could catch.  We trolled and got a huge Northern Pike on the lure.  Unfortunately I don’t like to touch Northerns and I wasn’t quick enough with my pink needle nose pliers to successfully remove the two treble hooks from the Northern before he bit the line and swam away, lure and all.  Bummer.

     Josh wasn’t too disappointed and we had an extra rod and reel all rigged up so it didn’t delay our fishing.  We paddled back towards Voyageur and decided to stop for breakfast on our dock across the river.  Casting lures and munching pop-tarts while the sun is rising, it just doesn’t get any better than that.