Deer Hunter Shot

      The darkest moment in the hunting season here was when a local man was critically wounded in an accident near Littlefork.  He had been mistaken for a deer in the oncoming dusk of the first day of the season.  The shot hit his gun and entered the side of his body.  An operation was performed and he was finally taken off the critical list.  However, he will also need to have surgery on his wrist.

     The hunter who shot him, a relative, was so unnerved that he too, spent some time in the hospital under sedatives.

     This incident happened 50 years ago on November 13, 1958 according to the Cook County News Herald.  Another hunting accident happened 90 years ago on November 13, 1918.

     A 12 year old Colvill boy was accidentally shot in the face last Sunday morning.  He and his younger brother were trying to shoot a weasel with a .22 rifle.  The younger boy was holding the gun and accidentally pulled the trigger.  The bullet struck his brother in the cheek, making a bad gash in the flesh not of a serious nature.

     While the days of hunting dwindle down it’s still important to be careful out there, we wouldn’t want to make the headlines.