Days of December

     There are some special days in December with many birthdays including my own.  There are all sorts of religious celebrations and of course the last celebration of the year on New Year’s Eve.  As with every month there are some not so well-known days as well.

  • Today is Bathtub Party Day- Grab a friend and enjoy a warm bath.
  • The 6th is Put on Your Own Shoes Day- That’s different than every other day why?
  • The 7th is National Cotton Candy Day- I hope I can find some to enjoy!
  • The 8th is National Brownie Day- I wonder if December is pack on the pounds month?
  • The 9th is National Pastry Day- I suppose I’ll have to celebrate this one too.

     If you’re interested in some of the other special days then be sure to check out this website.