Crunch, Crunch, Crunch

     I wish I could say I was describing the sound of a moose eating weeds in a swamp but it is really the sound my feet make when I’m walking in the woods these days.  The lack of recent rain combined with hot temperatures and wind are making the forest dry. 

     The past couple of weeks have been very warm and dry.  Temperatures have been in the high 80’s and the humidity has been down lately.  The grass is dry in the morning and the rain gauge at the guard station has barely registered anything since the end of July.  Even if we do get a sprinkle of rain I’ve been having to water my flowers every day or they look very sad.

     We have been lucky this year and haven’t had any forest fires to speak of.  When the conditions dry up we really encourage people to use their camp stoves as much as possible.  It’s always nice to have a campfire at night as long as it is put dead out when you are through with it. 

     There’s a slight chance of showers this week so we’ll keep our fingers crossed.  The temperatures aren’t dropping anytime soon so everyone needs to listen to Smokey and be careful with fire.