Crazy as a Loon

     I’ve never really thought of a loon as being crazy until the story I heard today.  Our guests were out paddling near a small falls when suddenly a loon got too close to the edge of the falls.  It toppled through the waterfall making a strange noise and eventually made it’s way to shore.

      It began trying to walk around on land but between being disoriented and having legs not made for dry land it didn’t make much progress.  The legs on a loon are situated far behind the main part of the body and the loon stumbled in circles as our guests sat watching helplessly.

     Our guests decided to try and help the loon find it’s way back to the water.  They began splashing water at the loon and attempted to herd it into the lake.  Finally it made its way and began a slow swim away from shore.

     They watched the loon from shore as it tried to pull itself together.  Before too long the loon was back to acting normal again and not like some loony tune.