Some days I want to be exact and perfect when talking about temperatures, sunrises or sunsets.  Today is not one of those days.

     What I will tell you is the sun is coming up much earlier these days.  As I drove the kids out to the bus stop this morning there was the tiniest bit of brightness in the sky.  And this time it wasn’t the moon or the stars but the sun’s light. 

     Yesterday when we picked the kids up from the bus stop it was still light outside.  It even stayed light until quite awhile after they were home, maybe even until 5pm.  Like I said, I’m not going to be exact so it could have been later.

     The temperature on the thermometer this morning read 10 degrees above zero!  Compared to yesterday and the day before’s -26 degree temperature it felt like a heat wave.

     One other comparison I would like to mention is the fact we have received zero inches of snowfall these past couple of days.  Compare that with folks in other parts of the United States who are getting three feet and that makes me want to cry.

     There you have it, just a couple of non-exact comparisons to start your day.  Make it a good one.