Christmas Trees

     If you’re like my childhood neighbors then you’re getting ready to take your Christmas tree down.  You could always tell the date because the tree went up on Thanksgiving and down on New Year’s Day.  With New Year’s right around the corner maybe you’re getting ready to take your tree down too.  Just in case you’re not sure what to do with your tree here’s some ideas for you.

 Tree today, gone tomorrow?

The Bite
Not likely. It takes years for anything – even organic things like Xmas trees – to breakdown in a landfill. Finding a community tree recycling program is the way (for your tree) to go.’

The Benefits

  • Smaller landfills for the new year. Since most landfills are compacted so tightly, there’s usually not enough air for trash (even trees) to biodegrade.
  • Chipping away at erosion. Tree recyclers turn trees not long for this world into wood chips, which can be used to help prevent erosion on beaches and hiking trails.
  • It’s doofus-proof. Many cities operate seasonal curbside tree-recycling programs.
  • Wanna Try?

    • Some municipalities handle the recycling – all you gotta do is leave the tree on your curb. Check with whatever company handles your garbage disposal and recycling.
    • National Christmas Tree Association – enter your zip to find a nearby recycling program.
    • If 10,000 Biters recycle their trees rather than send ’em to the dump, we’ll keep the weight of 1,306 adult male reindeer out of landfills.