Chilly Weekend on the Gunflint Trail

     I thought I was going to spend the weekend on a solo canoe camping trip but I didn’t.  Friday rolled around and I wasn’t packed or ready to go and with rain coming down I wasn’t too anxious to head out into the BWCA.  When I checked the weather and there was a warning for hail and high winds I decided to camp at home Friday night.

     Saturday was blustery with temperatures in the 40’s and lots of wind. There were times of sunshine throughout the day when it wasn’t raining or sleeting but not enough to make me want to go out and camp. So instead I went on a hike, came home, took a hot shower, started a fire in the fireplace and pretended I was out camping in the wilderness.

     Today the weather is still chilly but the sun is shining.  I’ll take another hike in the woods and look to the future for a solo canoe camping trip yet this fall. The forecast for this week calls for sunshine and temperatures in the 50’s and 60s. A good forecast for camping but too many things happening this week for me to be away.

     Here’s hoping you can still find time for an end of the season canoe trip in the BWCA.


Rugby doesn’t have dandruff, it’s sleet on his head!

rugby with sleet