Chance of Frost

     It’s 40 degrees outside and a bit chilly inside.  It’s also damp outside with a light drizzle falling to the ground.  Not ideal paddling weather but at least it isn’t windy.  It is suppose to warm up this afternoon and then tomorrow the expected high temperature is right around 60 degrees.  It will stay pretty cool until Memorial Day when the temperature will reach almost 70 degrees. 

     After Memorial Day I expect summer like temperatures to reappear.  This weather reminds me of the first year we were at Voyageur Canoe Outfitters back in 1993.  The summer started out so wet and dreary I thought we had moved to a rain forest instead of the Superior National Forest.  I had nightmares of constant cloudiness and cold damp weather.  Thankfully that weather trend didn’t last too long and the sun emerged eventually.

     The rain is always welcome and I won’t complain when the earth is moist.  It means campfires are allowed and fire danger is low and that’s a good thing when you’re visiting the Boundary Waters.  Come see for yourself, we’d love to have you as a guest at Voyageur.