Ch, Ch, Ch, Changes



  There are lots of changes happening on Sag Lake Trail these days.  Cabins that were lost during the Ham Lake Fire are being rebuilt and there are construction trucks galore.  All but three of the projects are beyond our driveway on the point but the biggest one is before our place where Sag Store and Superior North Canoe Outfitters once were.

<%image(20080907-sagstorgone.jpg|300|200|Saganaga Lake Store)%>




  The canoe outfitting building and bunkhouses for Superior North were burned to the ground during the Ham Lake Fire.  The Sag Store was saved but has since been demolished.  The property has been purchased with plans of putting a restaurant and multiple cabins on both sides of Sag Lake Trail.  The clearing and hauling of dirt has been going on throughout the summer and there’s a roadway leading almost up to the clouds on the hill behind where the outfitting building stood.

<%image(20080907-sagstorebackside.jpg|300|200|Sag Store from Moose Pond Road)%>






  It’s been strange not having Superior North, Sag Store and the owners Earl and Anita here for the summer.  Last year after the fire they were here off and on, but this year they have just came up to visit a couple of times.  With all of the changes it makes things more permanent and I think that’s what  has me down.  It’s the end of Superior North and Sag Store and Earl and Anita will no longer be our neighbors on Sag Lake Trail.  Another loss that brings back feelings similar to what I experienced during the Ham Lake Fire.  

<%image(20080907-sagbacksm.jpg|250|167|Sag Store Original)%>


     Things are always changing… The leaves are turning colors, the days are getting shorter and the temperatures are getting cooler.  Some changes are subtle, some happen quickly, some we notice, some we don’t.  No matter what we do changes will happen and there’s little we can do to stop it.  I guess that’s where the saying, "Go with the flow" comes from, I always thought it had to do with paddling a river…

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