Celebrating our Great Outdoors

     I’ve never given much thought to the Capitol’s Christmas Tree. I’m sure it wouldn’t have come to my attention this year either without the email from Scott Maxwell. He is the father of Hudson Bay explorer Adam Maxwell who has been a member of the Voyageur Crew. He sends me snippets of information every now and then to help me come up with material for my posts and I greatly appreciate it!

     This year the theme of the Capitol Christmas Tree is "Celebrating our Great Outdoors." Students from all over Colorado made 5000 ornaments to hang on the tree. Some of the ornaments are nature themed while others show people participating in various outdoor activities.

     I have no clue what other themes have been chosen for past years but I certainly like this years. Maybe I should suggest a tree from the Gunflint Trail for next year’s celebration and all of you could help make ornaments!

Photo from the Official Website

ornaments for the White House