Cavity Lake Fire, D-Day?

Today may be a determining day in the Cavity Lake Fire.  The wind is already gusting up to 22 mph from the Southwest and is expected to stay strong and change to a more Westerly direction.  This will fuel the fire and push it closer to the Gunflint Trail and the private properties along the Trail. 


The prescribed burn areas are really helping to hold the fire back but when it hits an area of blowdown it can really move.  The size of the fire is now 19,800 acres and growing each day.  Fire crews are working as hard as they can and there are more on the way.  There are a number of aircraft assisting including help from Canada.  There is now a total fire ban in both the BWCA and Quetico Park.  Current Closures are listed below:

  • Entry Points– Cross Bay 50, Missing Link 51, Brandt Lake 52, Kek Hiking Trail 56, Seagull 54
  • Lakes– Red Rock, Seagull, Round, Alpine
  • Portages– Crooked to Gillis, Crooked to Tarry, Gabi to Howard, Gabi to Peter, Sag to Red Rock, Seagull to Rog, Rog to Alpine, Little Sag to Virgin, Seagull to Alpine, Seagull to JA Paulson.
  • Bays– Devil’s Walk and Red Rock on Saganaga
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If you have a trip into the BWCA scheduled in the next couple of days then please call your outfitter.  If your trip is scheduled later in the Summer then you may want to wait as only time will tell when entry points will re-open.  The Gunflint Trail is 56 miles long and there are entry points all along the Trail with plenty of great routes to paddle that are not affected by the fire.  The wildlife are still here, the blueberries are ripe for picking, the fish are still biting, and the lakes are inviting so please come on up and enjoy the Boundary Waters and the Gunflint Trail.