Cavity Lake Fire Contained?

     After seeing the number "0" day after day in the percent contained column of the fire updates I am very happy to announce the number is now "45".  The Cavity Lake Fire is 45% contained; that is great news.  It is even better news when you consider they do not count the water areas in their percentages so when you look at a map it looks awesome.  There has been almost no fire activity and no new fire activity in days.  We also haven’t experienced smoke in days and considering the awesome Fire Team and resources available to them, the coast appears clear.  The Boundary Waters is over one million acres in size and the area affected by this fire is relatively small in comparison.  There are so many places to paddle and camp from the end of the Trail and there are even permits available to do so.  If you have reservations to come up to the Gunflint Trail then please keep them.  There are many routes to choose from and even if you were thinking about paddling in Seagull I still recommend coming, it is an awesome sight to see.  


     Mark Holsten, Deputy Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources visited the area earlier this week.  He was quoted by the Associated Press saying, "You think of this(the Cavity Lake Fire Area) as being a vast charred area of destruction, and it’s not like that.  There’s areas that really look bad, but also areas where there’s pine trees still standing and parts where it looked just a little singed.  But the outfitters are really hurting, They’re trying to get the word out that most of the BWCA is open, and even along the Gunflint you can get out on the lakes.  There’s a lot of opportunity to get out there and enjoy the BWCA."