Catching Fish

     The fishing reports we have heard have been pretty good, especially for those who have been out in the wilderness canoe camping.  Two of our guests who went up into the Quetico and returned yesterday after a 5-day trip reported catching hundreds of walleye.  They had plenty for eating and threw back some really big ones.  Other guests have had great success with fishing for lake trout out in the wilderness. 

     The lake trout have been biting and people have been catching them. They are in shallow water this time of year but as the water temperature warms up they will start moving deeper.  Fishing with ciscoes and trolling spoons has been working well for both lake trout and northern pike.  The smallmouth bass haven’t started to bite too much but it won’t be long before we’re fighting to keep them off of our hooks.

     Josh and Mike went out fishing the other night and had a great time.  Josh was extremely happy with the four northern pike he caught in such a short amount of time and Mike was happy with reeling some northern and a walleye in.

    Josh is content now that the Seagull River is open and he can fish off of the dock.   I haven’t been out fishing or catching yet but am very excited to do so.  Now all I need to do is get all of my work done so I can get out there and wet a line.