Canoes for Sale from Voyageur

It’s the end of the paddling season and we have some of our used canoes for sale.

Canoes For Sale
We have a great selection of canoes available for sale all made by Wenonah in Minnesota.  The canoes are priced at $1650 and our Kevlar 17 is and Kevlar Minnesota II’s from 2013. The Boundary Waters Kevlar canoes are from 2014. Purchase yours online and if you decide you do not want the canoe upon inspection or photos then that is fine.  Matt can tell you more about them and send you photos of them.  Just give him a call or send him an email with any questions. 218-388-2224 or 
We may be able to set up transportation of the canoe to the twin cities area, Iowa, Wisconsin, Ohio, or Indiana.
Wenonah Canoes

Canoes for Sale

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