Campfires in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area

When I solo camp and paddle in the Boundary Waters I never start a campfire. It isn’t because I don’t like campfires it’s just that I’m too lazy to gather firewood, I don’t want to worry about making sure it’s dead out and I’m usually in my tent by the time it’s getting dark. When I camp with my family or other folks there is always someone who seems to be drawn to making the campfire, it’s what their go to task at camp seems to be. In fact it seems like it’s an urgent task and they just have to get a campfire going even if we aren’t going to be cooking over it. I’m thankful for those folks who love to make campfires.

Today’s question for Voyageur’s epic giveaway is, “What is your method to starting a successful campfire?”

Fun fact for the day that you may or may not know is Fritos are great fire starters! Yes, it’s true. Get a bag of Fritos and light one on fire, you’ll be surprised at how long one burns. While I’ve never brought Fritos into the BWCA I’m thinking I should add them to my day hiking pack just in case of an emergency. You never know when you might need a fire or when hunger will strike!

camping in the BWCA

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