BWCA Canoe Trips Cancelled Due to Flooding

     There may be flooding on the Mississippi River but there isn’t flooding in the Boundary Waters no matter what the BWCA Reservation Center tells you.  We received a couple of automated telephone calls stating our camping trip was cancelled due to flooding and that our trip had been rescheduled to sometime in June.  Then we received a couple of telephone calls from guests of ours who also received automated phone calls telling them the same thing. 

     I quickly dialed the local USFS telephone number in a panic.  The last thing I wanted was for all of our guests we had reserved permits for to get an automated call telling them their trip was cancelled.  That would be quite a few phone calls we would in turn receive and we would have to explain how modern technology doesn’t always work so good. 

     Thankfully someone got on top of the problem fairly quickly as we received an e-mail about an hour later.  No worries folks, the Boundary Waters isn’t flooding and your reservations are in good standing at Voyageur Canoe Outfitters.

NO RESERVATIONS WERE CANCELLED!!!!  CS hit the wrong script for the soundbite.  It was suppose to be a soundbite for our survey going out and they hit an old NY closure script.  CS has stopped the soundbite and resending. The customer’s information has not been compromised in any way.  CS cancelled the soundbyte (meaning it didn’t go out to all overnight users), are issuing a new message apologizing  to everyone that was called.