Busy, Beautiful Days

     The forecast must be favorable for paddling this week because anyone who stops to look at it says, "Hey, that looks good!"  What’s a good forecast for paddling?  I imagine it’s different for everyone but for me it would be 75 degrees during the day with partial cloud cover, slight breeze up to 3 miles per hour, and evening lows around 58 with a 100% chance of rain to keep things moist.

     The weather has been just beautiful up here and people are having a wonderful time out camping in the wilderness.  Unfortunately I’ve been too busy to get out and paddle and camp myself.  We have a shirt for sale here that has the days of the week listed on the back, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.  Then it says, "See?  There is no Someday." 

     It’s something for all of us to consider as these beautiful but busy days go by.  Make time to do the things you want to do now because there is no someday.