Bumper Crop


<%image(20070622-blueberries.jpg|300|225|blueberries in the bwca)%>

   I’m not sure why they call it a "bumper crop" but it looks like we are going to have one this summer in regards to blueberries.  I’ve been walking the woods and hiking the trails and everywhere I look I see blueberry plants in various stages of development.  Some of my favorite places already have small blue berries while other places are still green.  The blueberries that grow up here are small but are so sweet and tasty.

     There’s nothing like being on a hike or canoe trip and being able to find fresh berries to eat.  There are strawberries ripe now and later in the summer we will have raspberries, thimbleberries and lots of blueberries to enjoy.  It’s fun to grab a handful to snack on or save them to put into some pancakes. 

     I have a difficult time picking and saving berries.  Some people collect buckets full of berries while I’m lucky if I go home with a cup full.  Somehow most of the berries end up getting eaten somewhere along the line, normally right after they are plucked from their bush. 

     Before long there will be more berries than we know what to do with up here so come on up and pick some of your own.