Bull Moose

Fall is a great time to visit the end of the Gunflint Trail.  It seems like a magical time of the year when everything is preparing for winter.  The grouse are scurrying alongside the road, chipmunks and mice are trying to find a winter home and the loons and waterfowl are beginning to flock together before their departure South.  The trees and bushes are changing color, sometimes overnight .  The animals are trying to fatten up for the winter and are out looking for their fill of food.  Yesterday I saw an awesome bull moose with a huge rack hanging out near Moose Pond.  It was fun to watch him eating weeds and to hear the sound of the water pouring off of him.  He didn’t pay much attention to me, but left abruptly when a car drove by.  Soon he will begin his search for a mate and then I will need to use caution while watching him as moose can become quite aggressive during their rut. Until then I will enjoy admiring his beautiful rack and hope that it falls off in my driveway this Winter!