Boundary Waters Rape

     As Boundary Waters Canoe Outfitters it isn’t in our best interest to share news of bad things that happen in the Boundary Waters.  We like to think the BWCA is a relatively safe place and for the most part it is.  As members of our volunteer fire department we’re EMT’s and we hear the calls go out about broken bones or medical emergencies.  We’ve heard of a few drownings and one incident over near Ely, Minnesota that involved people harrassing other people.  Wherever there are people there can be crime but you don’t expect it in the Boundary Waters.

    Over the years we’ve been at Voyageur there have only been 4 criminal complaints in the BWCA including this current one.  When I read about Julia’s tragic experience my world was shattered.  My heaven on earth, the BWCA, was hell on earth for Julia.  I can’t help but think of the groups of women we’ve sent into the woods, the times my crew has camped solo and the trips my daughter will take into the Boundary Waters.

     Julia’s Boundary Water’s experience is the most horrific one I have ever heard. It is one you must also hear about not only because of the incident but also because of how this incident has been handled. This will disturb you I’m sure.  But Julia’s story needs to be heard.