Boundary Waters Otters

     I love otters. I’m not sure why or when I started loving them so much but the fact remains I do. Perhaps it has something to do with my love of the water and swimming? Or how graceful and sleek their bodies are as they swim through the water? Whatever it is nothing fascinates me more than watching them frolick about in the water.

     On a Boundary Waters canoe trip this fall a friend and I had the opportunity to watch a famiy of otters swim about. There were five of them in a bay and they weren’t too interested in us.Then this past weekend on a BWCA day hike I had the opportunity to observe three of them.  They were playing and acted curious about what I was doing on the shore. The sounds they made were snuffles and snorts and I wished I could have dove into the water to join them.

     Unfortunately It was a little chilly for swimming so I was content to just watch them swim.  I hope you get the chance to see otters on your next canoe trip!