Boundary Waters Mishaps

What’s going on with people in the Boundary Waters these days? Getting lost, shooting yourself in the butt and shooting rapids are the latest happenings in the BWCA.

Sheriff: Camper Accidentally Shoots Himself In Buttocks Near BWCA

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Maplewood man is recovering after shooting himself in the buttocks while camping Thursday near the Boundary Water Canoe Area Wilderness.

The St. Louis County Sheriff’s office says the 29-year-old was about to take a nap in his tent by Angleworm Lake at about 3 p.m.

He went to remove a loaded 9mm handgun out of a holster on the back of his pants when he shot himself.

Two hikers helped the man to his vehicle, and he was eventually taken to Ely Bloomenson Community Hospital.

The sheriff’s office says the man’s injuries are non-life threatening.

6/16/17 Another Rescue in the BWCA Ely Echo

Rescuers were again sent into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area.
On Tuesday evening a group of three young males from Duluth called for help after attempting to run rapids in the Lake One and Lake Two area.
Some guests staying at Kawishiwi Lodge heard the calls for help, called 911 and then paddled over to the area where Lake Two flows into Lake One.
They located three young males in the water. The boys did not have personal floatation devices on and their gear was noticed floating in the lake. The people got the boys to shore.
According to Kurt Erickson with the St. Louis County Rescue Squad, the three young men had been trying to paddle/walk a canoe up a set of rapids when one of them slipped and washed downstream.
“This one apparently reported after, that his leg briefly became entangled in a tree and rocks in the rapids. He felt luck to have not drowned,” according to Erickson.
The three were not wearing life jackets, having strapped them into the canoe.
“The other two had been trying to hold onto the canoe but lost control of it and it too washed downstream,” said Erickson. “As of that night the canoe had not been found. It is reported to be white in color and of unknown make. The St. Louis County Rescue Squad picked up what gear could be found floating and brought that out with the boys.”
The Rescue Squad used a boat and motor to access the area where the three young males were located.
Also responding to the call at the end of the Fernberg were Morse-Fall Lake fire department and first responders, Ely Area Ambulance Service and Lake County Sheriff’s Department.

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