Boundary Waters Lake Trout

Lake Trout fishing inside the Boundary Waters opened on January 1st.  Vehicles could be seen parked at various BWCA entry points along the Gunflint Trail.  No doubt these anglers enjoyed the mild temperatures of the weekend and hopefully some success in catching some Lake Trout.  We haven’t had time to venture out yet but are looking forward to our first expedition.  It is such a fun adventure to head into the BWCA for ice fishing.  It usually involves getting an early start and having a full day of daylight, not real long in the winter.  We usually begin by driving or snowmobiling as far as we can go with motors, then skiing or snowshoeing into the destination lake.  After using a non-motorized ice auger to drill a number of holes it is then time to fish.  By the time you factor in lunch, drilling a few more holes, packing up and making the trek back before dark, you really don’t have much time to fish.  But for me it isn’t as much about the fishing as it is about spending time in the great outdoors.