Boundary Waters Entry Point

     How do you choose your BWCA entry point if you’ve never been to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area before?  How do you plan your BWCA entry point if you have been to the BWCA before?  Do you take a stick pin and spin yourself blindfolded and stick the pin into the map and wherever it lands you go?  

     It can be a difficult decision to determine where you want to enter the Boundary Waters.  There are entry points throughout the wilderness from as far west as Crane Lake to as far East as the Arrowhead Trail.  You can even enter the BWCA from the Sawbill Trail or near Isabella, Minnesota.  There are so many different entry points it’s hard to know just where to begin.

     Even though we are BWCA outfitters at the end of the Gunflint Trail we have paddled all over the canoe country wilderness entering through Crane, Brule, Moose and many other Boundary Waters entry points.  While each area is beautiful we are obviously partial to the entry points on the Gunflint Trail.

     We have deeper lakes, higher cliffs and of course we can outfit you if you choose to enter on the Gunflint Trail.  That alone should help you narrow it down to the Gunflint Trail.  Once you’ve determined that you can think about the type of trip you want to take and how much you want to paddle, portage and fish. 
     If you’re fishing for a particular species then you can narrow the options down even further because not every lake has every species of fish.  If you don’t want to have to portage at all then you can eliminate quite a few of the BWCA entry points.  If you want to hike on a hiking trail while out canoe camping then your options are really limited.  How can you find all of this out without spending days reading guide books?

     Voyageur has a great trip route finder that will help you pick an entry point into the BWCA.  You can enter criteria into the program and it will provide you with trip route options as well as maps.  After you narrow it down that way then give us a call or drop us an email so we can talk about your routes.  We’ve paddled the routes and can help you find one that may be more suitable than had you played pin the pin on the BWCA map.

     Check out the route planner today!