Boundary Waters Canoe Trips

Our Voyageur summer crew has been getting out into the Boundary Waters on canoe trips. It’s so nice to have them take advantage of where they live and make the most of their time on the Gunflint Trail. We’ve had ambitious paddling crews in the past and those are the ones who can really relate to the enthusiasm our guests have. They can also share their knowledge with the guests which is super nice.

Two of our crew members are out on a BWCA overnight canoe trip right now. They entered the BWCA through Brandt Lake via Round Lake and are coming out via the Tuscarora Portage into Missing Link and back out of Round Lake. They were hoping to get into Little Saganaga which is one of my favorite lakes in the Boundary Waters.

The other day one of our female crew members not only paddled the Boundary Waters but she also hiked it. She put in on Seagull Lake and made her way back to Voyageur via Grandpa, Roy and Saganaga Lake. There’s probably about a mile of portaging on that route and in one place mud up to your hips but she still had enough energy to take a hike in the Boundary Waters.  The hike she chose wasn’t just any hike it was the Caribou Rock Trail to Stairway Portage which is a rugged 7 mile round trip hike. It’s very scenic and has beautiful overlooks and usually takes most people the entire day to hike. Obviously Abigail isn’t most people and she’s in excellent shape. She also did the Round Lake, Missing Link, Tuscarora, Brandt loop solo on one of her “days off.”

We’re proud of our paddling crew and are happy they enjoy the Boundary Waters as much as we do.


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