Boundary Waters Basecamp


      The BWCA is not a busy place around the 4th of July.  The last few years we have taken the opportunity to paddle with our family during this short lull of activity at Voyageur.  This year was no exception and we were able to get out for four nights of camping in the Boundary Waters.

     We had never entered the canoe country wilderness via Brule Lake so we decided to check it out this year.  This entry point lake doesn’t require a portage to get into, doesn’t allow motors and is a large beautiful lake.  Armed with folding chairs, a screen tent and a cooler we looked just like most of the other folks loading and unloading their canoes at the landing.

     The family voted to set up a basecamp instead of moving each night as we did last year.  I’m usually the one who loves to travel each day but exhausted from traveling to hockey camps, baseball games and regular summer life at a canoe outfitting business I was easily swayed.  Combine those factors with the allure of cold Diet Coke at my campsite and the vote was unanimous.

     We found a beautiful campsite to call home and quickly made ourselves comfortable.  With hammocks hung in the trees we settled into a routine of casting lures, reading books and swimming in the lake.  We went on a long day trip up to Cherokee through Cam and back through North and South Temperance Lakes but other than that we just enjoyed the solitude of the wilderness campsite. 

     It’s so nice to have great staff that is capable of taking care of everything at Voyageur so we can get out and paddle with the kids during the summer.  We are very fortunate and grateful for all of the opportunities we have to live a somewhat normal family life while owning and operating a busy summer business.  We are thankful for the understanding guests and visitors who may not see us when they stop in because we are spending time away.  We know the Voyageur Crew is more than capable of taking care of our guests or we would never be able to laze the days away swaying in a hammock in the BWCA.

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