Boundary Waters are Liquid Once Again

The ice is officially off of Saganaga and most all of the other Boundary Waters Lakes. I’m guessing it is off of all of the lakes since Sag is usually one of the last to go.  The big sheet disappeared sometime late Saturday or on Sunday so if you guessed May 2nd or 3rd for ice off of Saganaga then you were right.

Vehicles with canoes could be seen on the Gunflint Trail on Saturday already and I wonder how many of the paddlers saw ice they weren’t expecting?

BWCA paddling season
Open water on BWCA lakes

In any case, the paddling season has begun.  The Boundary Waters beckons and begs for you to come camping. If you have a free weekend in May or a few days off then you might want to come up for a quick trip. I know I would love to get out and do some canoeing. It will most likely have to wait as Josh plays baseball, Abby plays softball and she’s going to her first Prom this weekend.  I need to capture photos of these moments so I’ll be waiting awhile before I can get out.

Hopefully you can make some time to come visit sooner rather than later, we’d love to see you at Voyageur.

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