Both of My Feet Hurt

I’m not sure if any of you look at you tube videos but my children and there friends do. One video they asked me to watch was a song written and performed by a girl with Autism called, “Both of My Feet Hurt”.  She had been at a mall all day and this inspired her to write and title the song accordingly.

I haven’t been to the mall lately but I have been hiking on the Superior Hiking Trail.  I’ve always wanted to hike the entire trail in one fell swoop but have settled for small sections whenever I get the chance.  Yesterday I was able to hike a couple of segments East of Grand Marais for a total of a little more than 13 miles.  Now “both of my feet hurt and they hurt real bad…”

They don’t actually hurt that bad. I just got the song in my head when I thought about it.  I had a great hike and recommend hiking the Superior Hiking Trail.  I’ll fill you in on some of my favorite segments later but just thought I’d share a couple of photos from yesterday’s hike.

Superior Hiking Trail
Hiking the SHT
View of SHT
Superior Hiking Trail
Superior Hiking Trail
SHT Hiking on the Superior Trail