Birding in the BWCA

     I have to admit, the older I get the more interested I am in learning about birds.  OK, maybe it doesn’t have to do with age but more with the fact people expect me to know about birds.  It isn’t easy for me to identify a particular bird by it’s sound and it’s even more difficult when a person is trying to replicate the song for me.

     I have attempted to educate myself about birds.  I have a bird book I refer to but it only helps if the bird is sitting on my deck for an hour.  I’m bad with estimating measurements and sizes and without having two different species sitting side by side how am I to know which one’s bigger or whose beak is longer?

     I also have a bird compact disc I can listen to when I’m in my car.  It doesn’t seem to matter how many times I listen to that or the frog talk compact disc, it just doesn’t seem to stick in my head. 

     There are even websites a person can visit with pictures of the birds and the sounds they make.  Maybe someday when I have more time and I’ve defragged my brain the information will stick in there.  I guess my hard drive has reached it’s capacity.

     In any case.  The Boundary Waters, Gunflint Trail and the north shore are great places for birding.  In spite of the fact I don’t know what birds I’m seeing I know I am seeing many different ones.  We have a list of them on our website so our guests can print it and check off the birds they see on their wilderness vacation. 

     If you’re interested in birding then I’m guessing you know about the Audobon Society Annual Christmas Bird Count.  It’s been happening for over 100 years and anyone can participate in it.  People arm themselves with clipboards, checklists, binoculars and other essential gear to go out and see what birds they can find.  The data collected helps determine the health of our winged wonders and of the environment as a whole. 

     Our area will be gathering data on Saturday, December 17th.  They still need more volunteers and can use beginners and experts alike.  If you’re looking to learn more about birds and for something fun to do on a weekend then come on up to Grand Marais. 

Feel free to contact me so I can put you in touch with the contact person for the event.

Birds in the BWCA    Boundary Waters Bird

I can’t remember what kind of a bird this is, I think it’s a female grosbeak of some sort?