Big Bad Wolf, Goldilocks or Black Bear?

I have a strange feeling we are living in a warped Fairy Tale. We don’t have any pigs living in our house but we do sometimes have oatmeal(porridge) for breakfast and we definitely have bears.

Once upon a time there was a big, black bear. It was early in the summer, there were no ripe berries to eat and he was very, very hungry. He was tired of clawing at tree stumps and looking for ants and bugs to eat. His hunger never seemed to subside and tearing and digging was too much work for the reward.

What this bear really looked forward to was a big, easy meal.  When he drifted off to sleep at night he could hear the grumbling of his tummy. When he saw his reflection in the lake he didn’t like how skinny he was getting. He was cranky, tired and hungry. He was so hungry all he dreamed about was finding a dumpster unlocked or food left in a garbage can at Voyageur Canoe Outfitters.

As he ambled from one cabin to another checking for garbage he started to formulate a plan in his head. Persistence had to pay off eventually.  He recalled the last time he hit pay dirt at Voyageur and he regretted making such a big mess the last time he was there because now the two-leggeds were being very careful with his next meal. The dumpster was locked, the trucks were food free and the yippee four-legged seemed to smell him from a mile away.

He knew he shouldn’t have thrown a fit when there was no garbage in the containers but he couldn’t help himself from knocking over the wooden bin and making a mess of the few glass bottles in one of the containers.  He had a feeling he had gone too far but he just kept checking and waiting for an opportunity.

The moon kept getting bigger and still there were no berries that were good enough to satisfy his palette.

“Well,” thought the bear. “I can’t wait around for any garbage to be left out, I need to take matters into my own paws.”

He could smell the banana bread before he even got onto the deck. He crept along the deck as quietly as possible and thought to himself, “I wonder where that pesky four-legged is tonight, why isn’t he yipping? Is this some sort of a trap?”

When he saw the banana bread through the window of the lodge unit he just knew he had to have it. Luck was finally on his side as someone left the window open so wide he knew he would be able to slide through it and into the kitchen before anyone would be the wiser.  He carefully pulled the screen out without even ripping it, thinking to himself, “This is so easy!”

Then he hoisted himself up and into the window and dropped into the kitchen with the softest paws he had. What he saw made his mouth water. Spread out on the table in front of him was a smorgasbord complete with banana bread, chocolate chips and his favorite blueberry muffins.

Then his worst nightmare happened, the room filled with lights and a horrendous high-pitched noise of three girls screaming pierced the quiet night. He swore to himself, cursed the two-leggeds and considered his options. Three two-leggeds were on the spiral stairs stomping like mad and then another two-legged popped her head out of  the bedroom door and startled him. He really didn’t want to leave but those two-leggeds just would not shut up. He grabbed the loaf of banana bread and left the comfort of the lodge unit to finish it outside where it was a little more quiet.

Feeling satisfied with himself, congratulating himself on being persistent he took a large dump next to the wrappings of the banana bread and went away for a good night’s sleep on a full stomach.

And the four two-leggeds didn’t get a wink of sleep the rest of the night…

To be continued…

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