Bears in the Boundary Waters

It’s been a few years since we’ve heard of any bear complaints from folks in the Boundary Waters. Our guests haven’t had any trouble this year but other visitors to the BWCA have. The USFS informed us of the following.

Bear activity reported on Gneiss Lake on the Granite River and Knife Lake.  On Ogishkemuncie Lake there was a report of two friendly young bears visiting campsites and on Duncan Lake a sow and a cub made a mess of a campsite. 
Please continue to stress the importance of a good, clean campsite and food storage practices.  Hang food properly and not always in the same obvious tree.  Bear proof containers are helpful could possibly be tied to a tree, make sure they are clean and free of food on the outside
Encourage visitors to scare the bear out of the campsite, making themselves larger than the bear and creating a lot of noise.

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