Bears and Blueberries in the Boundary Waters

     The blueberries are out and so are the bears.  Our Voyageur Crew was out picking for a little bit the other day and came home with a great bunch of berries. They didn’t see any bears but folks on Caribou Lake near Clearwater Lake have.  See the report from the USFS below.

blueberries in the boundary waters

    from the USFS…

Yesterday we received a second report of a human/bear encounter at Caribou Lake campsite #6 (east end).  Following the Superior National Forest Bear Encounter Action Plan, we’re going to post notices at nearby entry points alerting visitors of bear activity within the area, and will continue to monitor for reports of any additional encounters.

The reported activity has included property damage while the site was unoccupied.  In addition to the inability to scare away the bear while the site was occupied. There has not yet been evidence of the bear obtaining human food or aggressive behavior toward humans.
Please pass this information on to any wilderness visitors going into that area.  Also remind them of the importance of proper food storage and maintaining a clean campsite.