Balmy Weather Prompts School Closing

     I went to bed last night knowing there wasn’t going to be school today.  I received a phone call and an e-mail telling me so.  The funny thing is the temperature only got down to -26 on the Gunflint Trail with barely any wind.  Now the kids are at home from school and my schedule is out of whack!

     In addition to keeping a fire going, answering the telephone, checking e-mails and processing reservations I have my sweet children to care for.  "Mom!  Will you finish reading me this book?"  "Are you going to make pancakes?"  It isn’t Saturday I think to myself, can’t they eat cereal like every other weekday? 

     Sorry, I just have to whine about something besides the weather because the weather isn’t that bad!  My house is even in the 60’s today and I only have to wear 3 sweatshirts to keep warm. 

     Enough complaining.  I am grateful to Scott Maxwell for continually sending me news he thinks is appropriate for my blog.  Please feel free to do the same so you don’t have to listen to me complain about school closings!   If you have time to read an interesting story then continue below.

Baby moose falls through family’s window Tuesday, January 13, 2009 | 8:10 AMAP  

A Spokane family got an uninvited visitor when a moose calf fell through a basement window and into a bedroom.

The Spokesman Review reports that the baby moose was apparently foraging in shallow snow near the house Thursday when it fell into a deep window well. As it tried to get out and join its mother and sibling, the moose kicked in the window and became trapped in the bedroom.

A state wildlife biologist managed to shoot a tranquilizer dart into the moose’s rump. Then he and four others used a tarp to haul the 375-pound baby up a narrow stairway.

Wildlife officers tracked down the calf’s mother and sibling and trucked the reunited family to a spot near Mount Spokane and released them.