Bad Moms

     Thursday nights are traditionally my night to go to town and play softball.  I love to play organized sports especially volleyball.  We have our own volleyball court right here at Voyageur but since we don’t have enough room for a ball field I have to go to Grand Marais to play.

     The past couple of weeks the kids have had their own ball practice on Thursdays so they have had to stay in town for my games.  Some of you may remember how bad of a mom I was a couple of weeks ago when I took them to have a $5.00 burger at my favorite restaurant that happens to have a bar.  I guess I am still feeling guilty for that and for acting like an adult or the crazy person I am when I’m out playing ball and having fun, but this blog isn’t about me.

     This blog is about the other moms on the Gunflint Trail who just don’t have their stuff together.  On the drive home last night one of the mid-trail moms was obviously not doing her job.  I came around a corner and here is a little kid walking right down the middle of the Gunflint Trail.  It was after 9:00PM, almost completely dark and this kid should have been sleeping peacefully not out roaming around.  There was another car right behind me so I couldn’t stop and scold this kid or find its mom but if I see that momma fox around I’m going to give her a piece of my mind. 


    The next mom lives at the end of the trail on my road!  She was out running around with her newborn twins in tow.  What kind of mom would keep her kids up that late at such a young age?  I stopped the car and tried to coax the one baby moose to come with me and even had the kids make room in the car.  The momma moose was making all kinds of promises as she thrashed and grunted in the trees.  I think I almost had the baby convinced to come with me but the mom must have promised some really tasty water weeds because the baby followed her into the woods. 

     I continued to drive home a little bit upset with the parenting skills of the moms on the Gunflint Trail.  We got home after 10:00pm, had a big bowl of ice cream covered with caramel, a couple of bottles of root beer and watched a really scary horror flick.  It was late so I just told the kids to go to bed without brushing their teeth and I went up to bed.  I think they snuck back into the kitchen for more treats becase I heard doors opening and closing along with some really loud group outside, that sounded like kids but I was tired so I don’t know. 

     I do know there are some really bad moms on the Gunflint Trail and as soon as I can find my kids I’m going to give those moms a piece of my mind!

     Disclaimer: This story is based on actual events but the part about the ice cream, rootbeer, horror flick, teeth brushing and noise outside is not true.  It is meant only for entertainment purposes.